Piggy Banks are still in trend.

What is a Piggy Bank?

A piggy bank is a small container used to save money and it does not always look like a pig.

How much you can save in Piggy Bank?

Yes, it is true. We can save a handsome amount of money through Piggy Banks. Piggy banking is not something new. We have been following this money saving technique for years. I am sure most of you have used this in your childhood to save money for your future goals. I liked this the most because in this, you can save whatever amount you have in your pocket now and you do not need to worry to save a specific amount as we do in other Investments. If you have even ₹ 100 extra in your pocket, you can save it immediately, just by dropping them in piggy bank. You can have different piggy banks for different goals. One can save up to 4-5K a year easily without effecting their daily routine expenses. There is an old saying “The more you save, the less you spend”. So just start finding new ways to save money and your expenses will automatically get reduce.

How to start saving through Piggy Bank?

First, select for what purposes you want to save money. Do not go for a big savings plan because you will not get any interest on these saving so if you are planning to save big then go for other Investment plans.

Once your goals are set. Purchase piggy bank as per your choice. You can check out some latest piggy bank designs here. However, my favorite is old mud design because there is no lock on it. If you want, the money then you need to break it, I seriously hate breaking my piggy bank, and that is the most motivating factor, which keeps me going on.

You are all set now. Just start saving your money immediately. I am sure you will see some good results after a year.

Other uses of Piggy Bank:

  • Parents can teach their children Importance of saving money through Piggy Bank.
  • Best for gift purpose to age group of children 4-10 years.

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